Promote your products through our exhibitor website! Our website provides an additional platform for our exhibitors to sell from.

  • Exclusive online sales platform Free to set up, 5% taken on every sale, to cover paypal charges
  • Direct online ordering and payment processing facilities
  • Full tech-supported
  • Extensive promotional support

Refreshments. We provide free tea and coffee to exhibitors; just bring your own mug!

Electricity. We provide up to 500 watts free electricity per stand.

Comfortable trading environments. We ventilate the marquee in hot weather by taking down the apex/or heating as necessary and piped music is also on tap!

Is this the first time you have exhibited with Cottage Industries?
Would you welcome some hints and tips on getting the most from your show?

At Cottage Industries we strive to make your time with us an enjoyable, profitable experience which will leave you keen and eager to return!
Here are some things you need to consider:

What You Need To Consider

Lighting. Good lighting can make all the difference to how your products are presented and it’s your responsibility to provide lighting for your stand. We find that individual spotlights are adaptable and inexpensive and can be used very effectively to highlight individual products or special offers.

Important: All electrical equipment, including lighting needs to be PAT tested by exhibitors to ensure it meets current British Safety Standards. Lighting fixtures should also use low-energy bulbs.

Public liability insurance. Every exhibitor must have full and current public liability insurance in order to trade with Cottage Industries Association. If you haven’t already made arrangements, you can obtain quotes and arrange your insurance including cover for ‘Goods in Transit’ and your stock through the following broker websites:

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Cottage Industries Association Trading Tips

You have just 20 seconds to attract visitors to stop at your stand, so it’s really important that you make it eye-catching and appealing.

Presentation and good use of space is the key. Although we are one of the most cost-effective marquee organisers on the circuit, a show-stand represents a significant investment and we recommend that you make the most of your retail space by maximising your display options.

Set up is usually the day before the event starts and is a very busy time for exhibitors and organisers alike, so please allow yourself plenty of time to set your stand up. In fact, if it’s your first time, we recommend you have a few practice goes before the event! When you arrive just ask for the management and you will be shown to your pitch.

We hope you find this information useful.

Please feel free to contact us if you require any further help.

Here’s some more useful information

It is our aim to make Cottage Industries Association events successful for our exhibitors and enjoyable for our visitors. With this in mind, we’ve put together this useful guide covering the most frequently asked questions, which we hope will particularly help first-time exhibitors feel confident and well prepared.

The management is always on hand to help you on the day, but please don’t hesitate to contact us before the event if you have any questions.

Set up information and passes will usually be posted 14 -7 days prior to the event.

Caravan and camping facilities are often available on site. Arrangements will vary from show to show so please ring to check the individual event arrangements, costs and availability.

Your stand includes 1-foot access area which is supplied free of charge. This space must be left clear. The rest of your stand is for you to fill as you please.

A little bit of forward planning can make all the difference to how smoothly the event goes for you.

Organising and running hundreds of events has taught us a thing or two about covering the basics, so here’s our exhibitor essentials kit list of essential items that every stallholder needs to bring.


Exhibitor Essentials Kit List

  • Plenty of change and a secure means of holding your takings
  • Pen, paper, scissors and a tape measure
  • An extra tablecloth as well as a cloth large enough to cover your stand overnight
  • Cellotape/ sticky tack/ safety pins/ drawing pins
  • Phone charger
  • Snacks and drinks to get you through the whole day and a mug for each person
  • Basic personal first aid and a toilet roll!
  • Warm clothes and wellies, even during what passes for the British Summer!