Our year-round package of trading opportunities is second to none

… and now that you’ve found us, you’re just a few clicks away from weekend opportunities free from such avoidable drama.

Our organisation began as exhibitors. As we traded at shows great and small, we found ourselves musing over what some organisers got right and where they could do better. The seed grew and soon, we’d come up with our ideas on how we could put together the ideal space for exhibitors and consumers alike.

Today we are the UK’s premier provider of shopping marquees. You can find us at all the top agricultural and county fairs. You may have already seen our bespoke, branded, bunting-blazon, big tops at major events, if not, then allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are Cottage Industry Events

Today, we provide what we believe is the best trading opportunities for traders anywhere in the UK.

What to expect at our events!

  • Full exhibition support including production, promotion, and payments support (including e-commerce) https://shopforsomethingdifferent.com/
  • Professional full production events with security, on-site management, and easy access for loading.
  • Bespoke, branded, well ventilated marquees that are impossible to miss, thoughtfully themed and always situated in the best location.
  • Carefully curated shows with like-minded, relevant quality traders. We try to ensure our events are well balanced and we ensure traders are given the optimum position for their goods.
  • Well laid out pitches including a clear centre aisle at all our events.
  • A laid-back atmosphere with chilled, appropriate piped music played at background level.
  • Season traders and first-timers are all welcome and expert guidance and friendly chats for newer traders is always on tap.
  • Competitive national rates and added-value services
  • Proven track record with thousands of satisfied repeat customers
  • Free tea and coffee all day long
  • We also offer national coverage via our website for any traders.
  • For overnight traders and campers, we also provide cooking facilities as well as all-night security.
  • Experience event management well versed in health and safety

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